contadoresMenu - Colombian Restaurant in Calgary
Ajiaco $ 18.85

Ajiaco is a soup that contains potatoes, arracacha, corn and shredded chicken. With a side of rice, 3 slices of ripe plantain, cream, capers and avocado.

Frijolada $ 18.85

Stewed beans with bacon and pork rinds. Comes with a side of rice, 3 slices of ripe plantain and avocado.

Sancocho $ 18.85

Sancocho is a beef soup with potato, yucca, green plantain, and corn. Comes with a side of rice, 3 slices of ripe plantain and avocado.

Arepa con Huevo $ 9.50

A flat corn cake with butter and 2 eggs of your choice.

Desayuno Paisa $ 15.50

The Paisa Breakfast comes with two eggs of your choice, rice, beans, arepa, cheese and a hot drink of your choice.

Mazamorra Antioqueña $ 8.50

Mazamorra is a milk based broth with cooked corn, served with cinnamon, sugar cane and guava paste on the side.

Buñuelos $ 2.85
Almojabanas $ 2.85
Pandebonos $ 2.85
Porcion de Papa Criollla $ 7.80
Porcion de Yuca Frita $ 7.80
Tequeños $ 8.99
Arepa Con Chorizo $ 9.50
Caldo de Costilla $ 15.50

Beef rib broth with potatoes, onion, cilantro, served with bread.

Changua $ 10.85

The Changua is milk broth with 2 poached eggs, green onion, cilantro, toast and seasoning all mixed together.

Calentado Colombiano $ 16.50

The Calentado is a mixture of rice, salsa criolla, beans, and pork, accompanied by 2 fried eggs, 3 slices of ripe plantain, and a corn cake.

Chocolate Santafereño $ 10.00

Hot chocolate with cheese, bread and choice of an Almojábana, pandebono, or Buñuelo.

Desayuno Tipico $ 11.80

The Typical Breakfast comes with 2 eggs, bread, a Hot Drink and a choice of Almojábana, Pandebono or Buñuelo.

Perro Colombiano $ 13.85

Colombian-style hot dog with cheese, onion, potato chips, quail eggs, pineapple sauce, pink sauce and tomato sauce server with a side of French fries.

Bandeja Paisa $ 24.50

Contains beans, rice, arepa, chorizo, plantain, chicharrón, avocado and beef.

Arroz Paisa $ 18.85

Empanadas $ 2.85